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Product Description Brand
Accessory Kits Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Acetyl-specific Assay Biotechnology
Actin binding proteins Cytoskeleton
Actins Cytoskeleton
Adhesion Assay Biotechnology
Adrenal & Pancreatic Fitzgerald
Animal & Veterinary Fitzgerald
Animal Research Express Biotech International
Animal Sera Meridian Life Science
Antibodies eENZYME
Antibodies AusGeneX
Antibodies Cytoskeleton
Antibodies Express Biotech International
Antibodies Biomedal
Antibodies GenWay Biotech
Antibodies Creative BioMart
Antibodies (monoclonal) Aviva Systems Biology
Antibodies (Neuroscience) Covance Research Products
Antibodies (Signal Transduction & Gene Expression) Covance Research Products
Antibodies (Structural Proteins & Cell Components) Covance Research Products
Antibody Engineering Creative Biolabs
Antibody Pairs GenWay Biotech
Apoptosis & Signal Transduction Meridian Life Science
Apoptosis Assay Kits Cusabio Biotech
Apoptosis/Tumour Supressor gene Delta Biolabs
Archive Quality DNA Extraction Geneaid Biotech Ltd
Assay Detection and Misc. Reagents Meridian Life Science
Assay kits Aviva Systems Biology
Assay Kits Bioworld Technology
Autoimmune Reagents Meridian Life Science
Aviva Western Blot Reagent Kit Aviva Systems Biology
Biochem Kits™ Cytoskeleton
Biomarkers Abnova
Biosimilar Cell Lines Creative BioMart
Bone and Calcium Metabolism Meridian Life Science
Bone and Metalbolism Fitzgerald
Buffers ScyTek Laboratories, Inc
Buffers, Solutions and Perfusion Chambers Cytoskeleton
Cancer Research Meridian Life Science
Cancer/Apoptosis Assay Biotechnology
Cardiac Markers Fitzgerald
Cardiac Markers Meridian Life Science
CD Markers Fitzgerald
CD Markers Meridian Life Science
cDNA Clone Creative BioMart
Cell Adhesion Delta Biolabs
Cell and Tissue Lysates GeneTex
Cell Culture ScyTek Laboratories, Inc
Cell Cycle Delta Biolabs
Cell Cycle Assay Biotechnology
Cells and Media Bioworld Technology
Channel Assay Biotechnology
Chemical Reference Material Fitzgerald
Chemokines ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Chimera RNA interference (chimera RNAi) Abnova
Chromogens MaxVision Biosciences Inc.
Cleaved-specific Assay Biotechnology
Coated Plates Express Biotech International
Collagen and Extracellular Matrix Meridian Life Science
Control cell lysates Aviva Systems Biology
CytoDYNAMIX™ Screens Cytoskeleton
Cytokines Bioworld Technology
Cytokines and Growth Factor PBL InterferonSource
Cytokines and Growth Factors ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Cytokines and Growth Factors Meridian Life Science
Cytoskeletal Assay Biotechnology
Cytoskeletal Filaments and Interstitial Proteins Meridian Life Science
Cytoskeleton Motor Werks™ Cytoskeleton
Detection Reagents Covance Research Products
Diagnostic Antibodies (Monoclonal and Polyclonal) Creative Diagnostics
DNA / Protein Marker Geneaid Biotech Ltd
DNA Ploidy Analysis ScyTek Laboratories, Inc
DNA/RNA extraction Geneaid Biotech Ltd
Drug Antibodies Meridian Life Science
Drugs of Abuse & TDM Antibodies and Conjugates Fitzgerald
Drugs Used to Study the Cytoskeleton Cytoskeleton
ELISA / Assay Kits Cusabio Biotech
ELISA kit - Interferon PBL InterferonSource
ELISA Kits Express Biotech International
ELISA Kits Creative BioMart
ELISA Kits and Devices Creative Diagnostics
ELISA products ScyTek Laboratories, Inc
ELISA Quantification Kits Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
ELISAs GenWay Biotech
Enzymes ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Enzymes Meridian Life Science
Epitope Tags Covance Research Products
Extracellular Matrix Proteins Cytoskeleton
Fertility & Pregnancy Fitzgerald
Flow Cytometry Isotypic Controls & Blood Lysing Kit Meridian Life Science
Fusion protein and Epitope tag Delta Biolabs
G-LISA™ kits Cytoskeleton
G-Proteins Cytoskeleton
Gene Analysis Express Biotech International
Genes Cusabio Biotech
Glow-Green Nucleic Acid Buffer New! eENZYME
Gold and Silver Colloids Fitzgerald
GPCR Assay Biotechnology
Growth Factor Delta Biolabs
Growth Factors Assay Biotechnology
GTP-binding Assay Biotechnology
highly purified BSA, transferrin & Animal Proteins AusGeneX
Homeobox Assay Biotechnology
Hormones ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Hormones and Steroids Meridian Life Science
Human anti-GSTT1 ELISA Biomedal
Hybridoma Creative BioMart
Hybridoma Development Creative Biolabs
IHC Detection Kit MaxVision Biosciences Inc.
Immunoassay Development Creative Biolabs
Immunoglobin G Signalway Antibody Co Ltd
Immunohistochemistry products ScyTek Laboratories, Inc
Infectious Disease Products Fitzgerald
Infectious Diseases and Toxins Meridian Life Science
Interferon Antibodies PBL InterferonSource
Interferon Product PBL InterferonSource
Interferon Protein PBL InterferonSource
Intermediate Filaments Cytoskeleton
Intermediates Assay Biotechnology
Kinases/Phosphatases Assay Biotechnology
Kits for Molecular Biology eENZYME
Lab Animal Monitoring Express Biotech International
Laboratory Equipments eENZYME
Lipoprotein/Apolipoproteins Fitzgerald
Lipoproteins Meridian Life Science
Lymphocyte Signaling Assay Biotechnology
Lysates/Slides Abnova
Magbead Geneaid Biotech Ltd
Major Histocompatibility Antibodies Meridian Life Science
Materials and Reagents Creative Diagnostics
MaxPab® Polyclonal Antibodies Abnova
MaxPoly-One™ Polymer HRP or AP Detection Kits MaxVision Biosciences Inc.
Membrane receptor Delta Biolabs
Microtubule Associated Proteins Cytoskeleton
Microtubule Drug Screening Service Cytoskeleton
Modified Nucleotides eENZYME
Molecular Marker/Ladder eENZYME
Monoclonal Antibodies Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Monoclonal Antibodies ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Monoclonal Antibodies Abnova
Mounting Medium (Easy-Mount | Eco-O-Mount | Fluoro-Mount) MaxVision Biosciences Inc.
Native and Recombinant Antigens Meridian Life Science
Native and Recombinant Protein Cusabio Biotech
Neuroscience Assay Biotechnology
Neuroscience Reagents Meridian Life Science
Non-bovine Serum Products AusGeneX
Oligos Biomedal
Other ELISA /CLIA Kit (Shrimp; Insect; Reptile; Frog; Fish) USCNLIFE
Other Products Creative BioMart
Others Cusabio Biotech
Our QCMax™ antibodies Cytoskeleton
Peptides and Proteins Biomedal
Phospho-specific Assay Biotechnology
Phospho-Specific Antibodies Signalway Antibody Co Ltd
Pituitary Hormones Fitzgerald
Platelets and Hemostasis Reagents Meridian Life Science
Polyclonal Antibodies Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Polyclonal Antibodies ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Polyclonal Antibodies Abnova
Polyclonal Antibody Specialists Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Primary Antibodies Cusabio Biotech
Primary Antibodies GeneTex
Primary Antibodies MaxVision Biosciences Inc.
Primary Monoclonal Antibodies Bioworld Technology
Primary Polyclonal Antibodies Bioworld Technology
Promoter arrays Aviva Systems Biology
Protein A&G series Bioworld Technology
Protein Assay Reagents Cytoskeleton
Protein Expression and Purification Biomedal
Protein Kinases Delta Biolabs
Protein Production Creative Biolabs
Proteins GenWay Biotech
Proteins Abnova
Proteins and Bioactive Peptides Meridian Life Science
Proteins/Peptides GeneTex
Purified Human Hormones Fitzgerald
Purified Igs Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Quansys Q-Plex Cytokine Multiplex ELISA Arrays New! PBL InterferonSource
Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies Epitomics, Inc
Reagents Biomedal
Reagents GenWay Biotech
Reagents and Buffer eENZYME
Receptors & Transporters Assay Biotechnology
Recombinant proteins Aviva Systems Biology
Recombinant Proteins ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Recombinant Proteins Bioworld Technology
Recombinent Proteins Creative BioMart
Red Blood Cells Fitzgerald
ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Accessory Kit Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Research Reagents and Kits GeneTex
RNAscope Automated Reagent Kits Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. (ACD)
RNAscope Mutiplex Reagent Kits Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. (ACD)
RNAscope Single-Plex Reagent Kits Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. (ACD)
Secondary Antibodies Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Secondary antibodies Delta Biolabs
Secondary Antibodies Cusabio Biotech
Secondary Antibodies GeneTex
Secondary Antibodies GenWay Biotech
Secondary Antibodies Bioworld Technology
Secondary Antibody Signalway Antibody Co Ltd
Secondary Detection Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Sera and Antigens Creative Diagnostics
Serum (blocking) Covance Research Products
Serum (FBS, newborn calf serum, other bovine serum) AusGeneX
Serum Products GeneTex
Serum reference Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Services (protein purification and drug screening) Cytoskeleton
ShRNA New! Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Signaling Express Biotech International
Signalling intermediates Delta Biolabs
Signet™ Antibodies Covance Research Products
SiRNA Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Slides GeneTex
Small G-Proteins Cytoskeleton
SMI® Monoclonals Covance Research Products
Speciality Chemicals and Bioreagents Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Strains Biomedal
Support Products Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Surfactants and Stabilizers Fitzgerald
T-Cell Receptors Meridian Life Science
Tag Antibody Signalway Antibody Co Ltd
Thermal Cyclers eENZYME
Tissue Express Biotech International
Tissue Array (IHC control array | Animal tissue array) MaxVision Biosciences Inc.
Tissue Array Development Creative Biolabs
Transcription & Translation Assay Biotechnology
Transcription regulation Delta Biolabs
Transfected Stable Cell Lines Creative BioMart
Tubes, Strips, and 96-Well Plates eENZYME
Tubulin Proteins Cytoskeleton
Ultra Sensitive BetaMark™ Covance Research Products
Vaccine Research Express Biotech International
Vectors Biomedal
Veterinary Kits Meridian Life Science
Viral Antigens ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Viral Proteins eENZYME
Virus DNA/RNA Purification Geneaid Biotech Ltd

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